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“And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?” Matthew 13:10 He spoke to them with simplicity, but with profundity. There were natural things that they were able to see and understand. Therefore the language of Jesus was overly simplistic. Often His message is ignored because those to whom it has not been given may easily dismiss truths with such depth that the sharpest of minds may spend a lifetime examining one sentence, yet not be able to scratch the surface of its meaning. God has “hidden these things from the wise and the prudent and have revealed them unto babes.” There is a language that is coded for those whose hearts are open to receive the message. One must have a heart of understanding in order to have a mind of understanding. When Jesus speaks, we must hear Him with our hearts and not just our ears. The parables separated the seekers from the groupies. There are crowds that gather for entertainment. There is another select few that want to know the Lord. They have blessed ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to understand.

“It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24 God anticipates the call or the cry of His children. He readily and hastily responds to the sincere heart with the very best remedy to their deepest needs. They are the ones who are full of questions in need of answers. Most of their questions are too difficult to effectively communicate in words; but God is not looking for the articulate, He seeks out the sincere. He looks into the far distant future while a prayer is in the formative stage and releases from heaven the answer that reaches him on schedule. He does not wait for him to intellectually grasp the concepts allowing him to plow his own way out of the ditch of confusion. No! He listens to his thoughts that are connected to his heart. What He hears is what they intend, rather than merely say. While they were yet speaking, the Lord stops them in the middle of their sentences and calms their anxieties and fears, by letting them know that He understands. His listening ear is the result of His understanding heart….

“How is it you do not understand?” Mark 8:21 Every act on the part of Jesus has a much deeper meaning than we have yet come to realize. It was not just the feeding of the five thousand on one occasion, nor the four thousand on another. He was instructing them to trust Him for their provisions when it appears as if there are none. The miracle of Jesus took place as He distributed the fish and the loaves into the hands of the disciples. But the miracle was compounded when the fish and loaves were multiplied as they had more than enough to feed the multitudes. There are multitudes that are hungry for the living bread of life. We are to feed His sheep and feed His lambs. Even when it may appear as if we do not even have enough for ourselves, when we distribute to those we are commanded to feed at the end of the day, there will be basketfuls to take home. He will allow His miracles to be performed through our hands.