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“But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.” Ephesians 5:13 The order of creation was established in the light. God created light and divided it from darkness before any other thing was made. It was the light that sustained all and made manifest all other things. It was in the light that Adam was able to identify and classify by naming what was before him. He was a co-laborer with God because he could distinguish the difference between one thing and another. God raises children with discernment. We were made to see all things from His perspective and not from another. The light of His Word exposes what has been hidden so that none is left to blindly wander about in life. What is released through those who carry God’s Word will destroy the works of darkness done by Satan. Walk in the light and do not entertain or fellowship with the works of darkness.

God’s order is the opposite of our normal way of thinking. Human reasoning would have you to believe that death is the final act of nature, the ultimate sealing of one’s fate. Yet God looks at life differently and reveals Himself through nature. Contained within every created thing is the mystery of life, where one can clearly see His plan of redemption. First, death itself is redefined. The reality of death is sin; a life lived by those who are ignorant of life’s purpose. Sin is defined as “missing the mark.”  Their attempts to make life meaningful only add to their confusion and frustration. When life is lived arbitrarily without the knowledge of God’s original intent, nothing is left but to live life under the shadows of dreadful death. The fear of death becomes the obsession, since no one is able to fully describe what exists on the other side. Yet the magnetic pull of sin attracts one to what he fears the most and blinds him to the consequences. “The wages of sin is death.” Jesus beautifully illustrates salvation as an anticipated death. He first speaks of Himself and then how every human being might participate in His death….