“Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1).

The pronouncement of God is to arise above the circumstances and above all that was previously seen. All things are now viewed in the light that is in you rather than the darkness that is around you! The light of His countenance has risen upon you. You can now see in the light what you missed while you stumbled around in the dark.

He has become your life and light. Now your light has illumined your life and now can serve as light to the world. They walk in darkness just as you once walked, but now what has been revealed to you is being revealed through you. Your life is an invitation, not just your words but everything about you beckons the blind to see. Even nations shall come to your light. The “Sonshine” of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ has risen upon you! As the moon reflects the light of the sun and has no light in itself, your life reflects the light of the Son of God. Do not allow anything to eclipse the light that is shining in your direction. The temptations that come your way are presented in order to shroud the view of your Beloved. These distractions can in no way provide for you what is being developed within you. The most earnest desire of Jesus Christ is to see the reflection of Himself in you. He has come upon all who have received Him. Now it is His passion to so shine thus erasing every shadow from your life. What more can be desired than this? This is the greatest of all treasures. All that He is taking hold of and becoming all that you are. Let the light of His glory rise and shine upon and in you.