“The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?” (Prov 18:14 KJV).

Our spirits possess resilience in order not to sink under the force of pressure. Once our spirits are awakened to the reality of the Eternal, its communion with the Holy Spirit will convey hope within our souls. The spirit of a man will sustain the infirmity of his body. The wounds and weaknesses of our bodies are sustained as long as our inner man is strengthened. It must be fed the nutrients required of it to increase in strength because its task is greater than we can know. There are many flesh wounds, exterior circumstances causing the soul to be cast down on occasion, but our hope in the finished work of Jesus Christ causes us to rise above all of them.

But when the spirit is wounded, it is borne down to powerlessness and helpless passivity and there is no other sustaining power to supply its need. It is when the guilt of sin has produced condemnation because what is known of God is violated. The soul is left without an anchor and wanders aimlessly towards things that merely cover up the deep pains now suffered. It requires a personal revival or renewal in order for the spirit to be directed towards its strength. No one can heal the wounds of the spirit but God. The Spirit knows the things of our spirit.