“To whom He said, “This is the rest with which you may cause the weary to rest” (Isaiah 28:12). 

God speaks to the weary. His words of encouragement are directed towards them to raise up their spirits. It is a rest that continues in the midst of work. Too many busy themselves with efforts to achieve their dreams yet ruin the possibility of reaching the heights which lie beyond their own imaginations. What a high price many pay in order to obtain what they consider to be their ultimate goals? Yet the best goal ever envisioned is like standing before an anthill in contrast to Mount Everest. God speaks to those who tire themselves in trying to do great things yet do not know Him or the power that He alone possesses. They flex their muscles as weak as they are, but cannot find the strength to even live long enough to participate in their dreams. God’s objective is for each of us to become what He has in mind. Only when our Creator is pleased will we find true and lasting pleasure. All else will keep one in an endless pursuit of wanting more than he has, wanting to do more than he is capable of, and wearied by his efforts to achieve what is not possible. There is rest for the weary. There is peace for the soul. The unrest within remains as long as other things are pursued.