“The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open; the earth is shaken exceedingly” (Isaiah 24:17). 

The earth is violently disturbed as the result of the violent offenses committed against its Creator. It awaits the rule of the sons of God whose aim is to reflect the glory of Jesus Christ. Until then, it is held captive, not willingly but anticipating a liberty that will only come as the rule of the righteous. Some will grow bitter towards God because of the calamities that many of earth’s inhabitants are now suffering. They will think of God as being cruel and unfair. But His judgments will ultimately bring an end to sins that often appear to be benign, but are the root cause of wars and all earthly calamities. The mark established by God is not the aim of many leaders who now lead many astray. Thus sin runs its full course. He created the earth to be a habitation of rest and peace, but sin has left its mark producing turbulence and death. Pray that righteous rulers will arise in order for the people to rejoice because the Prince of Peace is ruling over them.