“For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light” (Psalm 36:9). 

The initial light of God leads us to greater light. We see Him as Redeemer and we are saved from the penalty of sin. The entryway into His grace has been provided as His light has shined upon us. There is also light shining on the path inviting us to enter in. It is not enough to enter in a park at the gateway of all that has been provided for us in Jesus Christ. The things that accompany salvation are awaiting us within the vast areas of exploration of blessings and joy that can only be experienced once we have passed beyond the Outer Courts and are willing to enter into the Holy of Holies. The further we are willing to be led, the deeper the level of intimacy we are enabled to experience. His light leads to the fountain of life. We are able to drink from the fountain that springs forth into everlasting life. When Jesus Christ becomes life to us, we can then live the abundant life. The pleasure of knowing the Father, as He is known by the Son, is made known to us. Lord, lead us to the greater light, so that we may be able to see You and be blinded to the distractions of the flesh, the world, and the devil. 

The enmity between us and God has been removed. Now, we are at peace with Him. But the light shines brighter and brighter as we focus our attention in the direction from which the light is shining. It is the revealing of His grace that enables us to see the path before us. Then we are enabled to continually see the path on which we are to remain. His light leads us to Jesus Christ as Savior. Then we allow Him to be Lord over every area of our lives as we follow Him. The path on which the light is directed leads to life in the Light of His love. His is the light of life.  Life is more than eating and drinking, apparel or occupation. Many are bored in their quest for life’s meaning. Many are in search for a meaning for their existence. Their lives are usually defined by their occupation or the reputation gained by what others may think of them. Life can be so narrow and meaningless without a deeper understanding of purpose. The dead cannot see the Light of Life. 

Dark rooms are the places of sightless men and lifeless graves are places where death rules as king. There is no light in those places where the Light of Life is absent. Many search for light in caves and wander into deeper levels of darkness. What do the sightless do since they cannot see? They feel their way through life. And when they feel nothing, they wander in the dark.