“One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.” John 9:25

His former condition of blindness was forever changed. He could see that healing could come forth through the Man who had laid His hands on him. This led to a kind of searching faith to discover the identity of the Person who could do what would otherwise be impossible. There was a plethora of information available that could be fodder for future arguments and discussions. But they would be theoretical and not necessarily factual. He was absolutely convinced of one thing that required no further discussion. He knew that He was blind, but now he is seeing. Many are in search for many things to convince them. Their doubt and unbelief restrict them from experiencing the Lord’s presence. This one thing that is known can be the watermark for all the other things that is yet to be revealed. If Jesus could heal him of his blindness, what other things may be possible for him to receive from the Lord? We are to cherish the one thing that we know. If we can believe that God is, then we can grow to trust Him to be the rewarder of all who would diligently seek Him.